About Us

About Us Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

About Us

Founded in 1992, Maurice Kerrigan is today an internationally respected organisation. The company name is synonymous with delivering the highest level of quality and service excellence through the provision of unique and practical learning and development solutions.

By solution we mean that wherever appropriate and possible, we integrate our learning solutions(see tailored client solutions) with your organisational strategy, operational systems and supportive technologies. As opposed to the more traditional and fragmented approach, our proven, strategically integrated and measurable learning processes, build greater sustainable competitive advantage by meeting modern Human Capital Management challenges.

Through tailored interventions we help our clients harness, focus and leverage the full potential of their human capital, maximise their performance and realise their organisational purpose.

We are passionate about our visionmission and values and strive to truly make a difference in all interventions we have the privilege of being involved in.

Our purpose

We help you unleash the performance potential of your people as:

  • individuals
  • teams
  • organisations
  • and as a nation.

Through delivery of INTEGRATED learning solutions that help you:

  • leverage your full potential
  • maximise your performance and
  • realise your purpose.