MK Africa - Philosophies

Our Philosophies

In order to give you the best possible benefit from our training and development programmes, assessments and measurement processes, we work by the following principles:

Your strategy influences everything we do.

By first understanding your vision and strategy, we work with you to identify those core competencies that would provide maximum leverage and benefit to your organisation. Our strength lies in helping you establish learning and development strategies that add quantifiable benefit to your organisation and enable you to better execute your strategy.

We seek ‘alignment’

Leaders need to have a sound grasp of their organisation’s overall strategy in order to communicate and ‘frame’ their own team’s strategy, and to make sound decisions on work allocation, priorities and skills development. It’s the integration of processes, systems and people that enables successful implementation of strategy. We call this the ‘alignment’ principle, and we believe that its application ensures the greatest possible impact and ROI from any of our programmes or interventions.

Measurement is critical

There’s little point in spending time and money on developing skills within your organisation if you aren’t measuring what the return on that investment is. By integrating your strategy with key performance measures, we measure how competencies improve on an individual level and the impact this has on individual and team performance.

We tailor to your context

We believe in developing skills within the specific context of your organisation. For example, negotiation skills can be taught generically, but applying these skills within the context of your company’s specific sales process gives you even more benefit. With this in mind, we tailor solutionswherever possible to address your unique processes and business needs.

We focus on individuals first

While performance improvement is often measured in the context of an overall team or organisation, real improvement can only happen if change happens at an individual level. We therefore aim to create change and improvement first within individuals, regardless of their seniority or level.

We apply an integrated framework

In order to be sustainable, human capital development initiatives must utilise a common, shared ‘language’ that is consistently applied to all levels of the organisation. Being the foundation for our leadership, management, personal mastery and communication competencies, as well our assessments and surveys, the MK Performance Framework™ provides an integrated architecture and framework that is capable of being consistently applied across your entire organisation. This is unique and of huge benefit to you.