Value Proposition

MK Africa - Value Proposition

Value Proposition

We’re committed to helping you unleash the performance potential of your people. Our collaborative approach to partnering with you, our client, allows us to add measurable value that truly makes a long-term difference to your organisation.

Our value proposition consists of four elements:

1. Our quality is ‘top drawer’

Whether it’s our consultants, facilitators or learning process engineers, we employ only the best of the best – people who are acknowledged experts in their fields and who have a proven track record. To complement this, we only use processes, methodologies, programmes, assessments and materials that are of the highest quality, and that incorporate best practice thinking and the latest technologies.

2. Our ability to deliver integrated solutions is supreme

We provide a single framework that clarifies and simplifies the complex integration of separately defined leadership, management, communication, personal mastery, and self-management competencies. This integration provides an unsurpassed ability to research, diagnose, tailor, and then implement high impact solutions. Most importantly, our single framework enables us to integrate analytics that measure metrics such as employee engagement, climate, culture, management multi-raters, and leader-manager communication.

3. All our interventions are measurable processes

Only learning processes, spread over time, rather than ‘events’, deliver real, measured results and change. By applying our learning process and measurement methodologies to all our interventions, we’re able to deliver sustainable performance improvement within your organisation.

4. We’re passionate about measurable and sustainable ROI

We’re passionate about our ability to help you realise measurable and sustainable return on investment from your training and OD initiatives. In a practical sense, we help you make the connection between Leader-Managers, performance management systems and individual performance in order to improve the performance within your organisation as a whole.