Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

Our Vision

To be the most respectedworldwide provider of integrated learning solutions that significantly contribute to the greatness of our clients.

Our mission

To make a difference by unleashing the performance potential of people as:

  • individuals
  • teams
  • organisations
  • and as a nation.

Our values

DAZZLING our clients!

We don’t just ‘care’ for our clients, we are determined to DAZZLE them! Above all else, we will do anything to fulfil their needs and exceed quality expectations – smash the mould, stretch beyond our limits, set astonishing standards of performance and listen, listen, listen!

Being decent

We value plain old decency towards fellow human beings. In all our dealings, we treat people fairly, with respecthonestycaring and good manners.
Hard work

Nothing comes easily and lack of real effort steals our dignity. We value work that is disciplined, fun, energetic, has a bias for action and delivers value. We balance this with sufficient time off to relax and pursue personal interests. This committed but balanced approach, allows us to unleash our talents and realise our full potential.


Passion moves mountains! It makes the impossible, possible. We’re passionate about what we do and being the best at it. We aim to make ‘a dent in the universe’ and passion gives us the energy and courage to do so!


We gain strength from diversity and value teamwork that balances interdependence with independent initiative and thought. We thrive in a culture that fosters individual responsibilitymutual support and the uninhibited exchange of innovative and creative ideas.