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Personality of effective customer service people

Here’s an example of a typical online recruitment advert: “1-2 years customer service experience; must have excellent telephone etiquette; must be computer literate; must be a people-person and well-spoken; well-groomed. Matric certificate.” Call centres and customer service positions are notorious for their turnover rates. With recruitment adverts like this, it is little wonder that companies [...]

Enhance your Message using Gestures

Some years back, I was asked to give a presentation on Camping and Caravanning in South Africa at an International conference of roadside assistance clubs which was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. I had not had any training whatsoever and practiced going through my PowerPoint presentation over and over again. I was horribly nervous, felt literally [...]

Dealing with conflict in a team

As a leader-manager, it’s impossible to shy away from conflict within a team. Since everyone is an individual, everyone cannot agree on everything 100% of the time. Because of this, some sort of conflict is inevitable. Luckily, conflict is a great source of information and can actually result in more satisfied, productive employees after the [...]

Thoughts on a new year

Oh no, you’re probably thinking. Not another blog on making new year resolutions, turning over a new leaf, cleaning up my act and so on. But stay with us… Since the new year traditionally symbolises the birth of hope and renewal of life, many of us do choose this time to decide to change to [...]

Email etiquette: dos and don’ts

Email is the most common communication medium in business today, and the average office worker sends and receives dozens of emails a day. For this reason, using the correct email etiquette when sending business emails is an essential skill to master. After all, the way you write says a lot about you, which in turn [...]