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The sound of silence

Have you noticed that when there is silence in a conversation, there’s an instinctive urge to fill the space by talking even if we don’t necessarily have anything to say. We live in a world of noise where silence has almost ceased to exist to an extent that silence becomes awkward. Powerful people and good [...]

Regulating emotions in negotiation

It happens with such regularity, you wonder why you still get angry or annoyed. A key potential supplier that you are negotiating with has requested a price increase and you know it is just not possible. This is despite written agreements almost in place and an annual price review included. How do you react? Do [...]

Negotiating when things get tough

You are in the client’s office looking to negotiate a valuable contract. You have been told by your Sales Director not to bother coming back without a deal and your client is using negotiating tactics to put you under pressure to concede at every turn. Here are some common ‘hardball’ tactics that the other side [...]

The influence of personality traits in negotiation

We learn to negotiate from birth through our experiences, education, and from the people around us. The reactions of others reinforce our predominant negotiating behaviour, we learn based on what we find works with others. We also learn that different approaches work on different people and, as a result, we develop additional approaches. In commercial [...]

Breaking negotiation deadlocks

You may well know many of the ‘golden rules’ of negotiating – such as the importance of preparation, aiming high, establishing the other side’s full agenda before starting to negotiate, searching for variables in both side’s situation to trade for mutual advantage; and the importance of actually trading concessions rather than just donating them. However, [...]

How to overcome the mythical fixed pie syndrome

In the business world, why is competition so often the norm, while cooperation seems like an impossible goal? One of the most destructive assumptions we bring to negotiations is the assumption that the pie of resources is fixed.  The traditional approach to negotiation is sometimes called ‘positional’ or ‘distributive’ because a limited amount of benefits [...]

Is there a correlation between negotiation skills and emotional intelligence?

The kind of poise you display in negotiations can mean the difference between a deal and deadlock. It’s the ability to keep your head when all those around you are on the verge of losing theirs. Granted, rigorous preparation is crucial. The bigger the transaction, the more important it is to identify core interests, weigh [...]