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Know how to reward

People learn for different reasons – whether it is for personal development, to get a qualification or a better job, to meet other people, or simply for the love of learning. Most adult learners are intrinsically motivated by their personal goals and needs. However, the importance of extrinsic motivation should not be underestimated, particularly when [...]

Why bother training?

In my opinion, this is a stupid and short-sighted approach for any successful business.  Try calculating the cost of ignorance in the workplace plus the cost and time having to recruit new staff. A poorly trained work force will eventually lead to poor performance and may result in costly mistakes. One cannot expect a person [...]

Personality traits of sales experts

Rejections in sales can be emotionally difficult and stressful, especially if they accumulate and seem to last for a long stretch. It’s important for salespeople to maintain faith that after every slump eventually comes a string of victories. Spend some time with high achieving sales people and it quickly becomes obvious that they share some [...]

How to better connect with adult learners

It makes sense that the experiences we have in school as children can often dictate how we feel about and approach learning as adult learners later on in life. If we had negative classroom experiences as children, it’s far more likely that we’ll try to avoid attending adult training programmes, or at least enter them [...]

Do your salespeople spend their working hours effectively?

There is no doubt – not everyone has what it takes to be a highly effective salesperson, especially during the current economic climate. It is tough out there. Sales executives frequently talk about how sales forces misallocate effort. Salespeople spend too much time with ‘friends and family’, those existing customers with whom they have rapport, [...]

Effective training requires good evaluation

When I was first promoted into a management level position in 1991, I recall the fear I felt – I had never managed people before. I had been promoted to Marketing Manager and was responsible for new member acquisition, the development of all communication material and advertising, plus customer retention. Where would I start? Although [...]

Experiential learning – learning by doing

In studying for my MBA, one of the modules included a Production and Operations Management game. The main objective of the Production and Operations Management course was to provide us with the understanding and ability to apply theories and principles to real-world production.  We were put into competing teams with each person holding a different [...]