Improving your public speaking skills

Just uttering the words “public speaking” creates heart palpitations and anxiety attacks in some people.  In others, it elicits excitement because they look forward to imparting knowledge to their audience.  The bottom line is that an audience relates very differently to these two kinds of speakers. Here are some tips to improve your public speaking [...]

Using psychometrics in coaching

Psychometric assessments are commonly used to measure the extent to which individuals possess particular psychological attributes in relation to a wider population. In the work context, these attributes include personality, emotional intelligence, values, aptitude, abilities and interests. According to Alan Bourne, the underpinning logic behind using psychometrics in a coaching context is to provide an [...]

10 tips for written business communication

Successful organisations recognise the importance of communication. Why? Because it is the one factor that ensures that a business runs smoothly and efficiently. Effective communication also transforms the business into a positive workplace – if time is invested in improving communication skills, both written and non-written. So, in terms of written communication, how can you [...]

Personal development in training courses

One of the most remarkable and often most rewarding experiences being a facilitator is when you can actually see the personal growth happening in a delegate on a course.  Some delegates come to the course reluctantly, as they often feel that they do not need training, or that they could rather spend time in the [...]

Presentation skills: the 18 minute talk

The TED (technology, entertainment, design) conferences have long been champions of the short 18 minute presentation. In fact, many people believe that this is the future of all business presentations. So when it comes to your presentation, why is a length of 18 minutes optimal? Because 18 minutes is short enough to hold attention, but [...]

negotiation tactics

Do underhanded negotiation tactics work?

The answer, unfortunately, is usually yes. Research on negotiations skills and tactics shows that the party who is most competitive usually gets a better deal than the party who is either accommodative, compromising or even collaborative. So, if you take the other negotiator or team of negotiators by surprise, play on their weak points, threaten [...]

Life Lessons from the Olympics

Life lessons from the Olympics

The Summer Olympics have come and gone, leaving us with memories of great achievements and also of painful disappointments. However, reflecting on these tears of joy and disappointment provides some valuable lessons on living life well – and these lessons can remain with us forever. My blog today is based on an article written by Julia [...]

Walk the Talk Team

Wheelie Walkers at 702′s Walk the Talk

On Saturday 22nd July 2012, staff at Maurice Kerrigan Africa participated in the Discovery 702 Walk the Talk for our charity, the Ann Harding Cheshire Home. The Ann Harding Cheshire Home in Randburg, Johannesburg provides 24 hour care and accommodation for physically disabled people of all races, colours and creeds. Eleven Maurice Kerrigan staff did [...]

Why do performance management systems fail?

Businesses exist in a turbulent environment, which means they need to continuously re-invent themselves in order to remain competitive within the global economy. Performance management systems are a way of understanding and managing the performance of individuals and teams within an agreed framework so that a business can stay competitive. With this context, I conducted [...]