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Know how to reward

People learn for different reasons – whether it is for personal development, to get a qualification or a better job, to meet other people, or simply for the love of learning. Most adult learners are intrinsically motivated by their personal goals and needs. However, the importance of extrinsic motivation should not be underestimated, particularly when [...]

Find your light

Simon senses that something’s amiss. The audience isn’t exhibiting the kind of enthusiasm he expected. He begins to panic: What’s happening? Is there anything he can do to salvage the situation? If your spoken message and your body language are mismatched, audiences will respond to the nonverbal message every time. Every actor knows the expression [...]

Experiential learning – learning by doing

In studying for my MBA, one of the modules included a Production and Operations Management game. The main objective of the Production and Operations Management course was to provide us with the understanding and ability to apply theories and principles to real-world production.  We were put into competing teams with each person holding a different [...]

Dealing with learning resistance

You know the look – arms crossed and slouched in the seat and maybe even a furrowed brow. You wonder if you’re going to be dealing with a silent resister or will he pounce at the first thing with which he disagrees?  Is he going to freely share his negative opinions with others in his [...]

Training and the needs of adult learners

If you think it’s easy to train adults, think again. We come with a whole set of learned habits, behaviours and traits that make us a challenging target for any trainer or coach. To teach an adult new skills and knowledge, you need to first understand how adults learn. Compared to school-age children, the major [...]