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The keys to building a high-performance work culture

I recently worked on a project basis for a company that cannot retain their high quality staff.  Morale is low, trust is virtually non-existent and the on-going public squabbles between the Directors have an extremely negative effect on everyone. What this company has failed to recognise is that they could be performing so much better [...]

The power of asking the right questions

One of your direct reports walks into your office looking for help: the rollout of the new product line she is managing is falling behind schedule. Everything is in place and ready to be launched, but she is having trouble getting final sign-off from the Divisional Head. Deadlines have come and gone, and no amount [...]

Correcting Problem Behaviours and Poor Performance

An employee’s thinking and feelings or attitudes are invisible to us. We can only infer them from the employee’s behaviour. Attitudes can’t be managed; only behaviour can. To be effective, fair and legal, it is best to focus on correcting the problem behaviour. Let’s examine this more closely. In a recent project where I assisted a recycling company [...]