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Adapting your message to your audience

“What am I going to say? How much information can I fit into the allotted time? Which visuals should I use?”  When giving a presentation, do you immediately dive into the process of selecting material, developing an outline, creating slides and rehearsing content?  Although these steps are important, you risk heading off in the wrong [...]

Connecting people with your message

Apple® founder Steve Jobs was particularly well known for building his presentations around powerful visual aids. He knew that slides are most effective when they tell a story rather than convey information, so his visuals were simple, elegant, and image-based. They complemented and reinforced his message, and they never competed with him for his audience’s [...]

How to master your ‘call to action’

It was in the early 1990’s that we started using direct response advertising in South Africa and I was fortunate to have learnt what works through experience. It was fascinating to witness a ninety second advert air on TV and literally within seconds the phones would start ringing. We averaged around 500 incoming calls within [...]

Presentation traps to avoid

What presentation mistakes are sure-fire ways to put your audience to sleep or send them running for the doors? Even the best presentation can be destroyed by a bad presenter – from the person who mumbles, to the one who talks too fast, to the one who just wasn’t prepared. Let’s look at some presentation [...]

Conveying a message to a hostile audience

Fight fire with fire, and what do you end up with? Ashes. Not exactly great results, but that’s the way we’ve been taught to deal with the fires of confrontation in our lives. And that’s the way many of us instinctively respond to hostile audience members. Whether we’re speaking to convention-goers in an auditorium, a [...]