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Running on empty

When you have a manager who repeatedly flies off the handle, screaming, swearing and slamming doors, all is not well. Employees are likely to feel petrified and literally paralysed when faced with these daily tirades. Absenteeism will escalate due to ill health caused by the enormous stress employees are all working under and they simply [...]

Climbing the ladder of inference

Have you ever found yourself perplexed at the way someone else has interpreted something you said or did, and put a meaning on it that you never intended? Or perhaps you have found yourself enraged by someone’s comment or action, and concluded that they must be acting against you for some reason? In today’s fast-moving [...]

To change bad habits, be aware of them

We’ve all worked with people who are star performers but have at least one bad habit that makes life difficult for everyone, limits their effectiveness, and often proves to be their professional undoing.  No one is perfect. In this article, we’re using the term ‘bad habits’ to talk about employees whose psychological makeup translates into [...]

Quieten that Inner Critic

In the first 20 odd years of Sam’s career, he developed the belief that the only way to obtain a sense of worthiness and personal power is by attaining material success. This immense pressure made him develop a sense of urgency and a relentless drive to attain perfection in everything he did – from his [...]