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Higher EQ helps team performance

Continual stress or change can lead to teams ‘breaking down’ into smaller cliques or individuals pulling back from the greater group concept in an attempt to personally cope.  Whilst this defensive strategy may appear appealing for safety purposes, individuals are limited in their ability to draw on ideas and resources of others, and to rapidly [...]

To change bad habits, be aware of them

We’ve all worked with people who are star performers but have at least one bad habit that makes life difficult for everyone, limits their effectiveness, and often proves to be their professional undoing.  No one is perfect. In this article, we’re using the term ‘bad habits’ to talk about employees whose psychological makeup translates into [...]

Quieten that Inner Critic

In the first 20 odd years of Sam’s career, he developed the belief that the only way to obtain a sense of worthiness and personal power is by attaining material success. This immense pressure made him develop a sense of urgency and a relentless drive to attain perfection in everything he did – from his [...]