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The honesty of body language

Ever have random people smiling at you while walking through a shopping centre? You think to yourself ‘Wow, they’re really friendly’. Chances are that you’re walking around with a smile on your face and they’re responding to you. Has it ever occurred to you how much you are saying to people even when you are [...]

How to get noticed at work

You’re good at your job, you’re achieving your targets, and you’re a good team player – so why aren’t you advancing in your career? Staying back late, keeping your nose to the grindstone and doing a good job doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to fast track it to the top. Being good at your [...]

How to spot deception

I’d  like to believe most individuals tell the truth most of the time even though, from time to time, it might be necessary to tell a little ‘white lie’ to spare someone’s feelings or to avoid confrontation. I feel astounded when someone deceives me and a little silly that I never picked up any signs [...]