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How to get different teams to collaborate

Most experts agree that collaboration in business consistently provides greater accomplishment. When it works, the combined brainpower of intelligent people can solve complex problems and achieve amazing results. Team inhibitors Team members collaborate more easily and naturally if they perceive themselves as being alike. The differences that inhibit collaboration include not only nationality but also [...]

A meeting of minds

By coming together with others, we pool our knowledge and experience to make decisions and accomplish tasks more efficiently than we could individually. Clearly, the more effectively we operate in groups, the greater the return on the investment of our time. More and more companies are team-based companies, and in team-based companies most work gets [...]

Is it important to have work friends?

Work was once a major source of friendships. We took our families to company picnics and invited our colleagues over for dinner. The assumption nowadays is that workplace friendships aren’t necessary and may even get in the way.  Sadly, work has become a more transactional place – it is all about productivity. Work is about [...]

Assumptions become reality

The big trouble with assumptions is that they rule us and limit us. Consider this scenario – When James assumed some of his team were not up to the challenge; they proved him right and were not successful. He made far less effort to actually encourage and coach them than he would have if he [...]

Could you work for a younger boss?

It was not uncommon to start your career for one company, stay there for years and work your way up the corporate ladder. People from different generations were separated at work by rank and status. Older employees filled executive positions, the middle-aged were in mid-management, and the youngest worked on the front lines. However, with [...]

Is your behaviour bordering on aggressiveness?

Have you ever listened to a stand-up comedian mocking an audience member? At first it sounds hilarious and everyone packs up laughing. The continual subtle jibes start to feel uncomfortable and then downright rude. Now picture this scenario in a work environment… We’re sitting in a room with external strategic consultants for a Friday lunchtime [...]

How do you react to negative feedback?

I very much doubt anyone would react with a “Yay”, “Fantastic” or “Awesome” upon receiving negative feedback and yet studies have shown that people who solicit and accept feedback are more effective leaders and more successful at work. It’s important to recognise that it’s human nature not to want unsolicited negative advice. We don’t want [...]

Losing perspective in adversity

It’s easy to be a good leader, or at least to feel like one, when everything goes according to plan. One true test, however, is how well the leader does in adversity, when things aren’t going so well.  Unlike a setback which is usually a once-off or temporary occurrence, adversity is more likely to be [...]