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How to be an active listener

Listening is crucial to effective workplace interactions and leadership skills, as it conveys empathy to others in your team. Listening has several other important functions: in the process, we learn about our culture, we learn to think, and we learn more about ourselves and others. Generous listening also enhances our sense of well-being and is therefore [...]

Leadership skills and emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence has an exceptional and clear connection to good leadership skills. So what does having emotional intelligence mean in the context of leadership? A good leader has the following strengths: 1. They know and understand their own emotions. This involves both self awareness and self confidence. Self awareness means having the ability to stand [...]

Leadership development

Leadership is complex. Even if a leader does everything perfectly, if the people being led don’t take their leader seriously, that leader will fail in their task to motivate and inspire. Why is this so? This is because the leader needs to be respected as a person first in order to effectively lead others. Because of [...]