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At a loss for words

Many people get tongue-tied at work for a variety of reasons: shyness, lack of confidence, a perceived lack of power. But in business, it’s important to share your ideas, and speak out effectively. Many of us have challenges communicating with others. “I can’t talk to my boss.” “I don’t understand my teenagers,” and, “my co-worker [...]

How to be an active listener

Listening is crucial to effective workplace interactions and leadership skills, as it conveys empathy to others in your team. Listening has several other important functions: in the process, we learn about our culture, we learn to think, and we learn more about ourselves and others. Generous listening also enhances our sense of well-being and is therefore [...]

Developing listening skills

Speaking well is only one half of having good communication skills. The other half is listening and understanding what someone is communicating to you. This can be challenging, as we usually focus more on what we are saying than on what we are hearing. As the saying goes: “We were given two ears, but only [...]