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When the strategic path is unclear

The strategic plan has become almost as common a management tool as the budget. However few executives are entirely satisfied with the outcomes. Many planning sessions result in no new actions, and the plans themselves often end up buried in bottom drawers. We tend to misuse objectives. We fail to distinguish between purpose (what an [...]

The importance of showing appreciation

Imagine a job where your work isn’t appreciated, your effort goes unnoticed, and you could be replaced in an instant. Employees and managers alike are often ingrained with the idea that ‘everyone is replaceable’. Employees are continually being asked to do more with less and this phenomenon means work environments need to be positive and [...]

Leaders vs. Managers – What’s the Difference?

Once a person becomes responsible for a group of people and their performance, they need to fulfil two distinct roles – a leadership role and a management role. The challenge here is that leading and management are two very different activities that require very different skills. Following on from our last post from Hennie on the different qualities [...]