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Giving a TED-Style presentation

Most presentations are about conveying facts and expectations, not passions and possibilities. And because business speakers represent their organisations instead of themselves, they tend to be cautious not just in what they say, but in how they say it. TED has set the gold standard for public speaking, and TED speakers work very hard at [...]

How to master your ‘call to action’

It was in the early 1990’s that we started using direct response advertising in South Africa and I was fortunate to have learnt what works through experience. It was fascinating to witness a ninety second advert air on TV and literally within seconds the phones would start ringing. We averaged around 500 incoming calls within [...]

Presentation skills: the 18 minute talk

The TED (technology, entertainment, design) conferences have long been champions of the short 18 minute presentation. In fact, many people believe that this is the future of all business presentations. So when it comes to your presentation, why is a length of 18 minutes optimal? Because 18 minutes is short enough to hold attention, but [...]