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How to get different teams to collaborate

Most experts agree that collaboration in business consistently provides greater accomplishment. When it works, the combined brainpower of intelligent people can solve complex problems and achieve amazing results. Team inhibitors Team members collaborate more easily and naturally if they perceive themselves as being alike. The differences that inhibit collaboration include not only nationality but also [...]

Higher EQ helps team performance

Continual stress or change can lead to teams ‘breaking down’ into smaller cliques or individuals pulling back from the greater group concept in an attempt to personally cope.  Whilst this defensive strategy may appear appealing for safety purposes, individuals are limited in their ability to draw on ideas and resources of others, and to rapidly [...]

Don’t confuse collaboration for cooperation

Collaboration and cooperation are both important for success to be realised, but do we understand the difference between the two? Many organisations have a lot of cooperating going on, which is mistakenly labelled as ‘collaboration’. The easiest way to explain the difference is by way of an example: Establishing the overall goal Members of this [...]