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Why bother training?

In my opinion, this is a stupid and short-sighted approach for any successful business.  Try calculating the cost of ignorance in the workplace plus the cost and time having to recruit new staff. A poorly trained work force will eventually lead to poor performance and may result in costly mistakes. One cannot expect a person [...]

How to better connect with adult learners

It makes sense that the experiences we have in school as children can often dictate how we feel about and approach learning as adult learners later on in life. If we had negative classroom experiences as children, it’s far more likely that we’ll try to avoid attending adult training programmes, or at least enter them [...]

Integrating new team members

Can you recall the first day you started in your current job? Were you nervous? Did you feel welcome? Did you have a workspace already assigned to you with a computer and necessary passwords and email address already set up?  Was your telephone connected, with a company contact information list provided? How were you integrated [...]

Relationship between training and employee performance

What is the link between learning needs analysis and business needs?   How can you anticipate the training that may be required to meet the future demands of the business? How can the training professional ensure that the needs of the business are reflected in an organisation’s learning and development plan? Managers have different views of [...]

Grow leaders from within

If you are currently working in a leadership role within the company you work for, ask yourself: “If anything happened to me today, who could step in and take over my responsibilities?”  The best organisations do not over-rely on recruiting firms to ‘fix’ their lack-of-leadership problem. They look inside and set up processes and programmes [...]