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Effective training requires good evaluation

When I was first promoted into a management level position in 1991, I recall the fear I felt – I had never managed people before. I had been promoted to Marketing Manager and was responsible for new member acquisition, the development of all communication material and advertising, plus customer retention. Where would I start? Although [...]

Experiential learning – learning by doing

In studying for my MBA, one of the modules included a Production and Operations Management game. The main objective of the Production and Operations Management course was to provide us with the understanding and ability to apply theories and principles to real-world production.  We were put into competing teams with each person holding a different [...]

How to accommodate different adult learning styles

In researching information for this article, I recalled times that I have trained staff and attended training courses and how some people just coast along letting others do the work – slipping under the radar, and how some are so keen to participate. Some are studiously taking notes whilst others seem totally bored. What makes [...]

How to overcome negativity and resistance to change

One of the branch managers was being particularly difficult during a training session on the new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. “My old system worked just fine”; “I am never going to get this, it is just too complicated”; and “This is just a waste of my time; I have so much work to do [...]