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At Maurice Kerrigan we specialise in delivering integrated training solutions that help individuals and teams improve strategic alignment, develop leadership and management capacity, and develop communication competencies.

Our unique approach uses an integrated architecture and implementation framework that is aligned to all our programmes. What this means for you is that you are able to modularly develop – in a holistic, integrated, consistent and measured way – leadership, management, personal mastery, and communication skills. In addition, because our programmes are modularly built, we are able to tailor any course or learning process to meet your specific needs.

Leadership and management development

Our holistic, tailored and detailed leadership and management development curriculums are designed to specifically address the unique requirements of different levels of management: junior/supervisory, middle, senior/functional, and executive. In corporating the latest research and content from leading global thinkers, plus integrated assessments, coupled with extensive one-on-one coaching, our Leader-Manager courses have an unsurpassed reputation for delivering sustainable performance improvement.

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Personal mastery courses

Our Personal Mastery & Self Leadership programmes improve your employees’ ability to lead and manage themselves, which in turn lays the foundation for building winning teams and a high performance organisation.

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Management communication skills courses

Our Management Communication skills courses give your Leader-Managers the advanced skills they need to tackle common communication and leadership challenges in the modern work environment.

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General communication skills courses

Our business communication skills courses build the core competencies your employees need to communicate more effectively – both externally with clients and internally within your organisation.

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