ADVANCED Effective Speaking & Presentation skills

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ADVANCED Effective Speaking & Presentation skills

Achieving audience impact

Influence and inspire people with your exceptional presentation skills.

To succeed in today’s modern business environment, effective communication is more important than ever. Beyond the basics of honing your public speaking skills though, communication is only truly inspiring if it reaches the hearts and minds of your audience. In order to achieve this, you need to be inspired yourself – and then communicate this authentically and effectively.

In just two and a half days, our Advanced Effective Speaking & Presentation skills course will harness your unique presentation style, enabling you to influence, inspire and ultimately lead more effectively. With more than 20 years of specialist coaching experience, we’ve developed a programme that gives you maximum practical experience by using video recording and one-on-one coaching and feedback.

With no more than 10 participants, this effective presentation and speaking course covers topics including:

  • Leveraging visual aids to achieve greater impact;
  • Using gestures and movement in a coordinated, authentic way;
  • Managing question and answer sessions effectively – including dealing with hecklers and whisperers;
  • Including humour appropriately;
  • Channelling and controlling nervousness.

If you’re a senior manager or executive with more than 3 to 5 years of presentation experience, we can help you take your presentation and public speaking skills to the next level.

Whether you want to communicate with a small group of directors or an auditorium filled with hundreds of conference delegates, the Advanced Effective Speaking & Presentation skills course can help you achieve maximum impact with the minimum amount of stress.

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  • Programme duration: 2 ½ days
  • Group size: 8 – 10 participants
  • Prerequisites: 3 – 5 years of presentation experience
  • Pre-work: pre-programme survey and online pre-programme assessment
  • SETA accreditation: Level: 4; Credits: 4, Company accreditation number: 0595