Communication Honeycomb

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Leader-Manager Communication Honeycomb

Your organisation’s performance is directly related to the quality of leader-manager communication. Why? Because, business communication skills are at the very core of leading and managing effectively.

Although the business communication skills of Leader-Managers are vitally important, they’re often viewed as a natural ability rather than as competencies that need to be developed. Not recognising this and neglecting to give leader-Managers proper business communication skills training can result in lower performance from your staff and your organisation as a whole.
Our MK Leader-Manager Communication Honeycomb™ defines a competency map of core business communications competencies that will enable your Leader-managers to realise greater performance from their team members and your organisation overall. By developing these skills, communication within your organisation will become the coherent and motivating force that it’s meant to be.

The MK Leader-Manager Communication Honeycomb™ curriculum consists of the following courses:

Assessment and measurement

Each course within the MK Leader-Manager Communication Honeycomb™ includes various pre, in-vivo and post-programme assessments that allows both the delegate and the organisation to assess leader-managers’ existing competencies and their development and improvement in their business communication skills over time.
Depending on client need and context, we utilise various instruments for these assessments, including 360° multi-raters, qualitative analysis, surveys, pre and post course assessments, psychometric tests and competency-based simulations.

Who should attend this course?

The individual courses that make up the MK Leader-Manager Communication Honeycomb™target a range of experience and competency levels. For example, we offer three levels of personal mastery and EQ courses, two different negotiation skills courses, and three leadership communication courses. In this way, within the MK Leader-Manager Communication Honeycomb™ there is a suite of courses that will exactly suit the needs of Leader-Managers within your organisation, from junior and supervisory managers through to senior and executive managers.
Learning process

Our learning processes for business communication skills vary according to the particular competencies and needs of your Leader-Managers.

SETA accreditation

Company SETA full accreditation number: 0595