Learning Management System

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS), called KinetiX, is a highly effective online learning platform that allows us to deliver, manage, track and assess the learning activities in your organisation – whether they take place in the classroom or online. Thanks to the platform’s web-based software as a service (SaaS) design, KinetiX can be integrated directly into your own organisation’s web portal environment. This means that learners can access our training materials from anywhere simply by logging on to the learning management system through their web browser. This easy availability of the learning experience means that learners are better able to absorb and retain new information.

The KinetiX core features include curriculum management, reporting, registration, communication, research, administration and APIs for integration with back-office systems.

To your business, the main benefits of KinetiX include:

  • Reduced costs of delivering and managing learning;
  • Optimised training expenditure;
  • Efficient use of learning resources;
  • Rapidly deployed targeted learning across widely distributed organisations;
  • Just-in-time learning, not just-in-case;
  • Train, assess and report on compliance requirements more cost efficiently;
  • Measurement of competency gain, performance impact and related ROI.

How we use KinetiX™ for a skills programme

Our proven formula of measuring learning is based on experience gained with many organisations. With any course that we run, we use KinetiX to measure and assess learning growth in three main stages:

  1. Orientation – before the course starts
  2. Facilitation – during the training course
  3. Performance – after the programme has been completed

Our steady focus on continuous measurement means that we’re able to facilitate a continuous learning process before, during and after the learning takes place. Because it is highly integrated with the goals and progress of your employees, continuous learning is more effective than a single learning event, it creates sustained behavioural change and real skills growth. This, in turn, means real bottom line results for your organisation.