MK Performance Framework™

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

The MK Performance Framework

The MK Performance Framework™ is the foundation of our learning processes and design as well as our assessments and implementation methodologies. From integrated diagnosis and analysis through to practical, sustainable learning processes that build competitive advantage, the MK Performance Framework™ is applicable to teams, departments, divisions and business units as well as individuals at all levels within your organisation.

Overall, the framework provides a consistent, clear and unified approach to:

  • Defining and planning strategy;
  • Contextualising and communicating strategy to give Leader-Managers and staff a comprehensive overview and understanding of organisational purpose, strategic plans and related performance measures;
  • Defining Leader-Manager style and activity required to create the desired organisational culture and successfully drive strategically informed action;
  • Focusing Leader-Manager effort and communication on activity that directly contributes to successful strategy execution and effective performance management;
  • Defining employee learning and development within a common strategic skills and competencies framework that leverages maximum results;
  • Integrating Leader-Manager development and employee learning with internal and external communication strategies;
  • Integrating your people processes with operational processessystems and technology.

In summary, consistent application of the MK Performance Framework™ unleashes the performance potential of your people by producing exceptionally high levels of passion, commitment and empowerment.