Client Context and ROI

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa Business

Client Context (readiness)

With our collaborative partnering approach, we always take into account your prior work and readiness. We do this by evaluating the following areas:

  • Purpose – vision, mission, values, medium and long term stretch goals;
  • Values – related behaviour definitions and organisational culture;
  • Strategy – your format, how you communicate and cascade it, supporting systems and your key initiatives;
  • Performance management – systems and technology, leader-manager support, role definitions, structures, remuneration and reward;
  • Key strategic competencies – measuring, developing, retaining and development plans;
  • Communication strategy – external and internal marketing strategies, brand values, and employees ‘living the brand’;
  • Processes, systems & technology – automated support of organisational endeavours including Human Capital Management (HCM) systems.

Client ROI (output)

We have demanding clients who want to see measurable results and that is exactly the way we like it. This philosophy has led to long term partnerships with all our clients. Our uncompromising commitment to measurable results and quality in all we do, coupled with our sensible and practical approach to any implementation challenge, is, we believe, what makes us unique and ensures you a return on your investment. Because we treat every intervention as a process, we are able to design measurement into our processes. In essence, we measure the impact our interventions have on improving business performance and competency growth. Amongst other more specific measures relating to your ROI, we assess increases in:

  • ‘Shared language’;
  • PASSION, commitment and empowerment;
  • Innovation;
  • Performance;
  • Individual competencies (especially those that are strategically important);
  • Communication strategy effectiveness;
  • Processes, systems & technology improvement and integration.