Communication Skills by Practice

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

Communication Skills by Practice

Our unique communication skills development programmes give clarity on human communication challenges that, in turn, directly impact upon your organisation’s performance and growth.

For a number of reasons our communications skills development programmes are unique, not least because we create leading edgeuniquely packagedexcitingfun, yet disciplined learning experiences. We also ground our communication skills development programmes in real life by targeting specific ‘roles’, for example, sales, consulting or customer service. Through this approach, learners can more quickly and easily understand and apply the knowledge and skills they gain to their everyday work environment.

Most importantly, we are unique in that we provide, as integral to all our communications skills development programmes, measurement of competency and performance gain and related calculation of your Return on Investment (ROI). We do this by identifying and measuring key competencies that, when improved, have the greatest impact on individual, team and organisational performance. Pre- and post-programme assessment reports – which include input from managers – are delivered to every delegate, their manager, and HR.

We also provide individual coaching as integral to all programmes, as an add-on to a tailored learning process, or separately on an ad hoc basis as required.

We offer the following communication courses: