Leader-Manager Development

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Leader-Manager Development

It would be true to say that effective leadership and management are the most critical success factors influencing the health and growth of any organisation. Why? Because the simple cause and effect chain is that Leader-Managers must ensure that strategy is executed, execution happens through people, and Leader-Managers are responsible for attracting, developing and retaining the brightest and best people. Simple, yes, but in practice we know it’s easier said than done.

Most organisations struggle to develop a bench of strong, capable Leader-Managers because they lack an integrated approach, which must include:

  • An integrated competency framework for leadership and management at all levels – from junior, through middle, to senior and executive management;
  • Holistic assessment and measurement of individual Leader-Manager competency and performance before, during and after learning interventions and the ability to correlate this with organisational and team performance (before, during and after);
  • A comprehensive and integrated range of learning content, assessments, tests and materials that may be assembled modularly to meet the unique needs of individual Leader-Managers at any level;
  • A comprehensive and integrated learning process, spread out over time, rather than a series of unrelated or loosely related learning ‘events’.

Maurice Kerrigan delivers integrated Leader-Manager development solutions that encompass all the above points and much more. Essentially our Leader-Manager development programmes fall into three main categories:

Personal Mastery

Personal mastery is critical to a leader’s success because individuals can’t lead or manage others until they can lead and manage themselves, plus strong individuals make strong teams. For these reasons we deliver a range of Personal Mastery programmes that develop essential knowledge and skills for improvement in Personal Mastery, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Self-Leadership, and Self-Management. The programmes are tailored for the following four levels of management:

  • Executive managers
  • Senior and functional managers
  • Middle managers
  • Junior/supervisory managers

Leadership and management

Mapped to our integrated Leader-Manager development architecture our holistic Leadership and Management development programmes are separately targeted at the unique requirements of junior/supervisory, middle, functional, and executive managers. The programmes are always tailored to suit the specific context of the organisation and are delivered in an integrated learning process usually spread out over a 4-6 month period. All learning processes include detailed assessments (on-going after attendance to the programme), a 15-day modular action learning programme including multiple assignments. Individual one-on-one coaching is integral to all programmes and additional coaching may be provided and designed into tailored learning processes – particularly for senior and executive managers – or may be provided separately on an ad-hoc basis as required.

Leader-Manager communication

Today’s work environment is characterised by unrelenting change, a flat matrix structure and fierce global competition. Against this background, Leader-Managers need to direct a workforce that is more diverse, skilled, and authority-averse than ever before. By very definition, this complex work environment demands more and better communication. Communications that not only help employees to excel in their role but also motivates and inspires them to feel valued, empowered and truly committed to their teams and the organisation. In today’s world, everything would fall apart without effective communication. Our interlinked “honeycomb of communication competencies and related programmes will teach your Leader-Managers, at all management levels, how to communicate more effectively.