AUTHENTIC Leadership

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa Business

Module 2: AUTHENTIC Leadership

The AUTHENTIC Leader-Manager – a 3 day programme (2 days + 1 day a week later) orientated towards understanding ‘Self’ as a modern leader – where the focus is on providing an authentic orientation to personal strengths and weaknesses relative to the characteristics of successful Leader-Managers and different leadership styles. Communication is examined in depth.

Who should attend

All current and potential Leader-Managers. Programme modules are targeted at and tailored for levels of management which generically (before tailoring for specific client needs and their unique implementation of the Drotter Pipeline) we refer to as:

LEVEL 1 – Junior Managers/Supervisors/Team Leaders (managers of people and junior
managers of managers
LEVEL 2 – Middle/Senior Managers (managers of managers and functional managers)
LEVEL 3 – Senior/Executive Managers (managers of organisations/businesses/enterprises)

Group size

14 – 16 participants per group (dependent on level).

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