Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

Practical rather than merely academic

Our WINNING Leader-Manager programme takes an extremely practical and experiential approach to development. The resulting benefits are that maximum growth and Return on Investment are realised. In summary, this means that all modules are tailoredrelevantaction learning orientated, include supportive one-on-one coaching, and that the overall learning process is measured.


All WINNING Leader-Manager programme modules are tailored to address the specific requirements of an organisation, department or team by incorporating their purpose, strategy, structures, processes and systems, performance management, standards and measures, desired behaviours, team orientation, brand and customer orientation.


Programmes utilise case studies that are relevant to each participants’ company or industry, thus removing learning from the realm of academia and bringing it into the real world.

Action learning:

In order to maximise opportunities to apply learning gained during in-class modules, participants are required, between modules, to follow through on detailed action plans back in their work environment. These action plans are linked to established organisational objectives. This results not only in true learning being realised through practical application and experience but also, just as importantly, both the learner and organisation maximise efficiencies of time – assignments and action plans are related directly to each participant’s actual work focus and priorities as determined by organisational objectives.

Supportive one-on-one coaching:

As an integral part of the learning process each participant receives, from an experienced MK facilitator, dedicated one-on-one coaching. The coaching is scheduled between modules and focuses on maximising the application of learning and elevation of individual performance. Such supportive coaching helps each individual identify their strengths and weaknesses and change the way they operate and interact with the world.


Prior to each programme module participants complete a variety of assessments and surveys. These instruments provide valuable information and insight and are a key input into each module. Assessment results are referenced when related theory is covered in-class as well as during one-on-one coaching sessions and they provide the reliable pre-intervention data against which individual, team and organisational performance improvement is measured after completion of the programme.

Our tailored, practical, relevant, supportive, and measured approach develops sound competency that concentrates on successful application, performance improvement and execution rather than merely gaining knowledge.