Our approach – Integration and consistency of design

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

Our approach

Integration and consistency of design

The elegance of our WINNING Leader-Manager programme is, in large part, related to the complete integration of all modules to one holistic framework – the MK Performance Framework™. The framework integrates and maps all content and skills associated with:

  • Personal mastery and self leadership;
  • Leadership;
  • Management;
  • Intra-interpersonal communication.

Applicable to all levels of management, the MK Performance Framework™ helps to simplify complexity by creating a common mental model, language and understanding of how various elements combine and work together to enable successful communication and EXECUTION of strategies through people. It enables the organisation to integrate business units, departments, teams and projects into a single framework that synergises and aligns the crucial dimensions of people, processes and systems with organisational purpose, strategy, and communication.

The MK Performance Framework™ affords our clients the opportunity and ability to tailor separate, yet integrated, programmes and modules that both discretely and synergistically develop the competency, capacity and skill required at all levels within the organisation.

Building your leadership pipeline and ‘bench strength

Management and leadership is based on a natural hierarchy of work that exists in most organisations and therefore the content and learning process for each WINNING Leader-Manager programme module is different for each level of management. For ease of reference we refer to 3 generic levels of management: level 1 (junior/supervisory), level 2 (middle/senior) and level 3 (executive). Within these 3 generic levels, dependent on client need and definition, we map module content to the Drotter Pipeline (Drotter and Charan, 2001) which contends that in large organisations, hierarchy takes the form of six typical career passages or pipeline ‘turns’. Each of these passages represents a change in organisational position – a different level and complexity of management and leadership exists at each level. These ‘turns’ involve a major change in job requirements, demanding new approaches, skills, time applications, and work values. In addition, each passage represents a new time horison.

Thus the WINNING Leader-Manager programme modules are tailored to address management hierarchy (as defined and appropriate to each client) so as to build a coherent Leader-Manager capacity or ‘bench strength’, across all organisational levels (junior, middle and senior/executive management).