Sustainable Change & Learning Methodology™

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

MK Sustainable Change & Learning Methodology

In order to ensure long-term results, sustained growth and tangible business impact from an intervention, Maurice Kerrigan is committed to process-oriented change, aligned to measurement levels which provide a basis for establishing ROI.

Traditional intervention events produce little or no performance enhancement or transfer of competencies to the work environment. Invariably this is due to the fact that once-off events are not linked to business objectives, or identified performance measures and lack leader-manager support and follow through. By contrast, our Sustainable Change & Learning Methodology adopts a process approach which provides for the three main phases of orientation, facilitation and performance. From inception our processes are designed to integrate with measurement strategies and follow-up interventions, to ensure optimal skills transfer, continuous growth and significant ROI.

Maurice Kerrigan Africa (Pty) Ltd strives to follow the ‘training for impact’ approach by making our well-designed, tried, tested and refined interventions and programmes part of a process of pre- and post- programme assessment and measurement.

We also link our programme outcomes to the business objectives and challenges of our clients. In cooperation with our clients, we implement measurement strategies and follow-up interventions in order to ensure optimal skills transfer, continuous growth and significant Return on Investment.