Personal Mastery and Self Leadership

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Personal Mastery and Self Leadership

No matter what our status in society, our profession or aspirations, being master of our destiny and in control of our lives is a common challenge faced by all of us. What are Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence? What, for that matter is Self Leadership and what is the difference between them and how do they impact my life? What impact do strong individuals have on organisational performance? What is the role of Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence in the workplace?

To be the best at anything, in any area, we must have Personal Mastery & Self Leadership. We can’t lead or manage others until we can lead and manage ourselves. We can’t be a successful consultant or sales person unless we are focused and have a large degree of personal ‘stability’. Similarly, we cannot meaningfully take on the other roles we play (husband/wife/ daughter/son, mother/father, community leader), unless we really know who we are and what we stand for.

Strong individuals make strong teams. Strong teams make strong organisations. By investing in our Personal Mastery & Self Leadership programmes, you will be laying the foundation for building a winning team as Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) form the basis for individual personal development.

Maurice Kerrigan offers three programmes in the area of Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ), one targeted at executive and senior Leader-Managers, another at middle and junior Leader-Managers and one that is suitable for employee level.

We offer four Personal Mastery programmes: