Strategic Alignment

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

Strategic Alignment

We define strategic alignment as the close coupling of three things: organisational purpose(including values), strategy, and performance management.

Successfully cascading and implementing these key elements across an entire organisation requires sound leadership and management as well as the integrated support of communication strategy – both internal and external – and technology, processes and systems.

At Maurice Kerrigan, we provide Strategic Alignment workshops that help to align your organisation and its people with these three aspects. All our Strategic Alignment workshops are tailored to take into account your leadership and management capability, prior work done, existing processes, systems and supportive technologies.

Our Strategic Alignment workshops encompass the following:

Vision and values

We facilitate a variety of workshops to develop, encapsulate and communicate your company’s vision and values to your employees. Typically, we conduct envisioning work in conjunction with defining, capturing and cascading your organisation’s values and strategy.


An organisation’s success relies on the ability of its employees to implement the vision and strategy of that organisation in an innovative and committed way. Such execution can only happen if it is clearly communicated in a well-crafted and relevant way. We help you to develop a clear, purposeful strategy that can be easily translated into day-to-day action by your employees.

Performance management

Too often, performance management systems aren’t properly integrated with an organisation’s strategy and purpose. As a result, many performance management systems fail because they lack proper definition and appropriate Leader-Manager support. We provide a range of consulting services and workshops to help align your performance management systems and processes with your overall strategy.

Through our collaborative partnering approach, we help you make your organisational purpose REAL, and translate your strategy into focused action that produces sustainable results.