Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa


At Maurice Kerrigan, we provide a range of services that are highly tailored to your unique needs as an organisation, as well as to the courses your employees are involved in.

At a high level, we group our services into four main areas:

Consulting services

With our vast and varied experience working with organisations, we’re able to consult in the areas of strategy, organisational development (OD), human capital management (HCM) and implementing related HCM processes and systems

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Tailored courses

As well as our ability to tailor our learning programmes to your specific needs, we’re also able to develop new training courses within our areas of specialisation that are designed specifically for your team or organisation.

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Coaching services

Our coaching services range from individual coaching on a particular project, to one-on-one Leader-Manager coaching, executive coaching, life-skills coaching, presentation/speaking coaching, coaching on strategising and preparing for high stakes high value negotiations, and team performance coaching.

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Speaking services

As a valuable addition to your team building or other corporate event, our senior facilitators and subject matter experts can deliver speeches on a broad spectrum of topics.

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