Effective Business Writing Assessment

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Effective Business Writing Assessment

How competent are your business writing skills?

Before you enrol on any of our English Business Writing courses, we require that you complete an online business writing assessment. This 40 minute online evaluation will give both you and us an accuratecomprehensive and objective picture of your current competency when it comes to business writing in English.

Our preliminary assessment tool will save you time and money, because you’ll know exactly which of our courses you’ll benefit from most. If you’re an individual, you’ll be able to see exactly where your current business writing skills are and what courses you should attend to improve them. If you represent an organisation, you’ll be able to get an accurate picture of your employees’ business writing skills, and you can map out a path for their progress. This online writing assessment is also a very effective recruitment tool to measure a potential employee’s writing capabilities before you employ them.

How is the online assessment structured?

Writing competency is notoriously hard to evaluate, which is why we’ve put significant research and investment into developing and refining our online assessment format. Our English business writing assessment consists of two main sections:

  1. A comprehensive question and answer section where we randomly select questions across fourteen grammar categories.
  2. free writing section where you’ll write 250 words on one of three topics.

Along with your scores from the first section, we use an independent writing assessor to evaluate the free writing portion and give feedback. You’ll then receive a comprehensive report that consolidates this feedback into an overall mark. Based on this mark, you’ll either be eligible to join our general or focused writing courses, or we’ll recommend that you undergo basic adult literacy training first.

Why is our assessment tool useful?

  • It’s internet based, which eliminates scheduling hassles because you can take the assessment anytime and anywhere.
  • It’s specifically related to English speaking businesses in South Africa. This means we take into account the particular nuances that non-English speakers in South Africa may face: for example, discrepancies in tenses when translating Afrikaans to English.
  • It’s timed, which creates a fair platform where everyone can compete at the same level, minimising dishonesty.

Once you move on to our general or more focused writing programmes, we’ll ask you to redo the online assessment, after which you’ll receive a report comparing your results. In this way, you’ll be able to measure exactly how much you’ve improved. We’ll also give you lifelong access to online e-learning exercises, so that you can continue to practise your writing skills even after you’ve finished our courses.