Employee Engagement Survey (EES)

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

Employee Engagement Survey (EES)

Through the Employee Engagement Survey (EES) we are able to provide organisations and individual Leader-Managers with a clear indication of areas to improve performance. The survey also provides a very effective measure of organisational health and the extent and location of high performing teams.

This instrument provides a barometer of three critical indicators of employee engagement in an organisation:

  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Empowerment

The existence of these factors and the extent to which they are manifested in our daily work are a clear indicator of organisational potential for success.

The Employee Engagement Survey (EES) uses the components in the MK Integrated Perceptions Survey™ and demonstrates correlations between these components to give a barometer of passion, commitment and empowerment in teams and in the organisation. This survey is also integrated with the MK Performance Framework™, thereby making it easy to identify solutions to problems identified.