General Programme Assessments

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General Programme Assessments

Maurice Kerrigan offers all our clients a unique benefit, through the use of pre- and post-programme assessments. All our delegates receive thorough feedback on their proficiency and development before, during and after attending any of our programmes.

These assessments enable us to provide you with individual competency growth, business impact and ROI reports – at no extra charge.

Orientation (pre)

Competency assessments are completed by both the delegate as well as their manager. Reports on the results of these assessments are emailed to the delegate and their manager, showing a comparison of results on various questions related to the programme. This document provides the basis for a constructive conversation to be held between delegate and manager prior to attending the programme.

Facilitation (during)

During the programme there are various methods used during the training, such as role plays, case studies and videotaping. These are used as a basis for feedback and coaching of both individual and team performance.

Performance (post)

Approximately 40 working days after attending a programme both the participant and their manager complete another online competency assessment. Again the results between manager and delegate ratings, both pre- and post-programme attendance, are compared in a report emailed to both manager and delegate. In addition, post-assessments include assessment of performance impact as measured by the delegate and their manager. These performance impact measures may provide an indication or specific calculation of return on investment (ROI) gained from attendance to the programme.

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