Strategic Alignment Workshops

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

Strategic Alignment Workshops

Organisations rely on the ability of their employees to implement business vision and strategies in an innovative, committed and integrated way. Stakeholders need to understand, be inspired by and committed to strategic goals. More importantly, the vision, values and strategic goals of the organisation need to become such common knowledge that they inform employee decision making and optimise individual performance on a day-to-day basis. EXECUTION of strategy is the name of the game and successful EXECUTION hugely depends on contextualisation, clarity and effective communication.

Why is it then that communication and reference to strategies are at best a default activity and at worst an annual event?

In order to maximise organisational performance, clarification and communication around strategy needs to be well crafted, purposeful, regular and relevant. This is exactly what our Strategic Alignment workshops help you achieve.

During our tailored Strategic Alignment workshops time is spent collaboratively establishing or connecting with overall purpose, strategic objectives and creating supporting strategic plans. The aim is to develop clear, simple and synchronised action plans that focus individuals and teams on the work and standards needed to sustain and realise overall vision and successfully EXECUTE strategy. Our integrative framework, the MK Performance Framework™, is applied in a variety of settings and at different levels within the organisation and is used to guide the Strategic Alignmentprocess.

Who should attend

Our Strategic Alignment process normally begins with senior Leader-Managers and Executives. From there strategic plans are cascaded down to middle and junior management levels and other decision makers through a series of supportive workshops. Outcomes from all workshops at each level are tied to performance scorecards and linked to performance management systems.


Workshop duration:
Typically 2 – 3 days but dependent on need and agreed process.

Group size:
Maximum 22 people during initial workshops but may be larger (ie whole company) at certain stages.

Pre meetings with the CEO and/or MD and/or key decision makers are required to design the process. Evaluations of current vision, mission, values, prior work done on strategy and information on the organisation’s performance management systems and key challenges are conducted prior to any process being started.

SETA accreditation

Company SETA full accreditation number: 0595